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As Catholic educators, new teachers to the diocese face a three fold challenge.
  1. Not only teach about Christ's love but live it out in every day circumstances.
  2. Prepare content for classes that are totally new.
  3. Personally and professionally reflect on what went right and what went wrong.
Every educator had a first year! Blessed Pauline von Mallinckrodt, foundress of the Sisters of Christian Charity, educator in the 19th century writes this to one of her new teachers who was teaching 100 primary school children in one class! Some aspects of education have certainly changed!"Rome was not built in a day. Be patient with your students and with yourself. Listen to your mentor. She has been where you are and can teach you much."
The pages on this wiki give you a chance in which you can share and reflect with others. During the following months, please focus on these specific topics. Each topic has its own home page and discussion section.
  • September: Classroom Management
  • October: Integrating Technology
  • November/December: Teaching Through Differentiation
  • January/February: Integrating the Faith
  • March: Project Based Learning
  • April: Reflection on the school year
The links to the site provide resources as you grow professionally.
Happy Wiki-ing!

Professional Reading

New Teachers: The Joys and Challenges of 21st Century Learning

Classroom Management

Guide to Classroom Management
Professional Article
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Integrating Technology

Voices from the Learning Revolution

Teaching With Differentiation

Classroom Strategies
Differentiation in the Classroom

Integrating Faith

Integrating Faith, Family, and Work
Teaching in a Catholic School

Project Based Learning

The Courage to Change
I love this new pedagogy
The Growth of Students
Children can make magic
Project Based learing in High School History
Creating Middle School Thinkers!
Defining effective project based learning

Digital Citizenship


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