Project Based Learning

PBL (project based learning) is a buzz word in today's education world. It is the use of in-depth and rigorous classroom projects to facilitate learning and assess student competence. Students use technology and inquiry to respond to a complex issue, problem or challenge. PBL focuses on student-centered inquiry and group learning with the teacher acting as a facilitator. (wikipedia) This form of pedagogy changes the relationship between teacher and student. The teacher is no longer the expert in the classroom but rather the facilitator or guide that steers the student along a certain path.
Defining Effective Project-Based Learning
Using this type of pedagogy, on the discussion page, please post a lesson plan that is an example of project based learning with the following points:
  1. Objective/Goal of your Lesson
  2. Materials
  3. Procedure
  4. Student Assessment/Evaluation
  5. Personal reflection on:
    1. What you learned from teaching this lesson?
    2. How it went? Do you feel this pedagogy enhanced student understanding/learning?
    3. What would you change?

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