Classroom management is a term used by teachers to describe the process of ensuring that classroom lessons run smoothly despite disruptive behavior by students. The term also implies the prevention of disruptive behavior. It is possibly the most difficult aspect of teaching for many teachers; indeed experiencing problems in this area causes some to leave teaching altogether. In 1981 the US National Educational Association reported that 36% of teachers said they would probably not go into teaching if they had to decide again. A major reason was "negative student attitudes and discipline".[1]

On the discussion page, please post your lesson introducing your classroom management plan to your students by including the following:
  1. Objective/Goal of your Lesson
  2. Materials
  3. Procedure
  4. Student Assessment/Evaluation
  5. Personal reflection on:
  • Was the lesson successful? Why? Why not?
  • How did the students respond to your plan?
  • After presenting your lesson, do you feel your classroom management plan will work? Why/ why not?
  • What changes, if any, do you feel you need to make to your classroom management plan?